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This is since the global financial crisis in 2008 the worst times, long summer already, still winter will come, in the face of difficulties, the luxury brands have to one's usual marketing attitude.
A variety of data show that the luxury goods group in the Chinese market of high-speed growth period has in the past, economic growth is slowing and suppress wasteful government policies are the main reasons.In 2011, the Chinese market for luxury goods sales growth as high as 30%;In 2013, grew rapidly slowing to 2%;According to bain, a consultancy, estimate, the number is 2014-2%. As the world's biggest luxury goods group, LVMH's net profit fell 4.3% in the first half of fiscal 2014, sales growth in China can only keep in low of 3% to 5%;Burberry company due to exchange rate influence and in the national sales slowdown, pre-tax profit fell by 12%;Prada and Gucci's open cloud group profit in the first half of 2014 degrees were 20.6% and 4.7% decline;Three quarters of 2014 years ago, Tod 's group sales fell 6% in China;Richemont (Richemont) group in 2014 while successfully stop the fall in China, but there is no profitability. The Italian luxury Luxury-goods association believes that despite the slowdown in economic growth of China in 2014, but has contributed is still as high as 29% of global luxury sales, in the face of the changes of the situation of the Chinese market, the luxury brands to Chinese consumers The solution is not clear.By Louis Vuitton, for example, despite the strong innovative products, in terms of product "to remove the LOGO" movement, but Chinese consumers are still not fully accept the transformation.The analysis thinks, this kind of "vulgar" brand image change movement Let LV lost sales on sex Wolf, took a thankless alternative road.
Obviously, the Chinese market for luxury brands have a lot of problems.Reduce the demand for anti-corruption policy, so a gift, for personal use, more consumer habits have changed, more luxury goods means life quality request, rather than face needs.Swiss Luxury speculative funds Julius Baer key-2 Luxury Brands, head of the Fund Scilla Huang Sun, an interview with Reuters, said some of the brand in the Asian market is saturated and the aesthetic fatigue.How to get Chinese consumers to the brand image has changed the new cognition, the luxury goods group is an urgent need to do in 2015.
Ipsos market research group executive director Simon Tye told "the successful marketing" reporter: "we see China mainland consumers, especially from first-tier cities of consumer demand for luxury goods is still very strong, they want to see the luxury brand new side, buy creative new products, and get more considerate service. Their unique custom of inheritance brand spirit goods consumption demand will continue to grow."
Stretch the brand dimension and move on to a whole category of life
Extended consumers using the beauty makeup products
According to yi thorpe group joint rod pr issued the 2015 China luxury report shows that Chinese consumers of luxury consumption in the future will be with flat or rose now.Among them, watches, handbags and jewelry appeal gradually reduce, high-end cosmetics category of China's growing luxury consumer group has the most appeal.
After the high-end luxury brand image was set up, is different from the price expensive clothing or bags, beauty makeup product can on the price and the circulation channels to the populist, which not only can expand the brand influence, also can increase their income.According to 2013 statistics, perfume and cosmetics has become a luxury retail category with 43 billion euros in market value of the sector, accounting for 20% of the whole luxury retail market share, second only to 23% of the jewelry and watches, become a luxury the highest profit margins in a class of products of the company.
Gucci former designer Tom Ford has revealed a luxury brand "popularization" core strategy: "absolutely can't afford $200000 regular customers, a senior custom dress, but it can afford $25 a lipstick or $65 a bottle of perfume, whereby they also own a small small luxury dream."In order to achieve the expected profit target, increase sales volume is the key step, therefore, luxury brand launch costs and prices are more affordable line of products, and expand the product line of perfumes and beauty products, all these products at quite a few sales, will bring substantial profits, also make the brand more easily penetrated into the lives of consumers.
In this article such as the road of success are flawed, cause each big brand advance wave upon wave.In August 2013, the name of the designer Marc Jacobs brand first formal launch of Beauty Beauty products series, Marc Jacobs stores in China and plans;In 2014, and two luxury giant Burberry and Gucci announced into beauty makeup industry;In 2015, Tom Ford, for your name brand beauty makeup products has become the brand one of the strongest lineup footnote, set up shop over there. Through the brand effect, food and clothing live line
Louis Vuitton's former boss Vincent Bastien has pointed out, the largest luxury goods marketing trick lies in the brand effect.In the past, luxury goods group or brand acquisition is often with the category of the brand, is now beginning to provide cover consumer lifestyle products in all directions, width extending tentacles.From clothing brand to service brand, from a single category to full life category, by advocating the brand culture and way of life, further target consumer groups.
To enter the restaurant
In 2014, LVMH group through its private equity funds LCapitalAsia restaurant business, paid $100 million for emerald catering for more than a 90% stake in Singapore Chinese food chain.Jade restaurant group was established in Singapore in 1991, the main cantonese cuisine, revenue was $250 million in 2014, average annual growth of around 20%.With the domestic high-end food and beverage consumption, frustrated by three fairs jade restaurant group positioning is accurate, mainly in the face of the high-end consumer market in the personal home court. According to the agreement, jade restaurant will depend on the Louis vuitton internationalization framework and experience to enhance the brand influence, and expand the business scope of Louis vuitton group plans to help jade restaurant into new markets, and further expand its development in mainland China.LCapitalAsia funds to LV, buy looking for Asian food and beverage brands, and then by LVMH brand to enhance the catering brand fame.
Vogue to live in
Household industry is a field full of commercial potential.According to the Boston consulting group, high-end household market worth $60 billion in 2013, $10 billion more than the high-end apparel market.
More and more fashion brands begin to layout the lucrative market, now this kind of product the biggest sales growth in the asia-pacific and the Middle East.Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) as early as in 1983 established the Ralph Lauren HomeCollections;The Versace's Versace Home covers furniture, lighting, cloth art and wallpaper, etc. All throughout the life.Guo on weibo shows become the hermes curtains and wallpaper, caused quite a watch.
Luxury hotel
Luxury hotel brands, is representative of the new luxury experience.Bulgari hotel, versace, armani hotel...The hotel, with luxury brand management way like many luxury brands authorized manufacturer to produce their own perfume, mainly be responsible for the output of brand names, hotel management company in charge of the whole operation of the hotel, later, in the interior design of the hotel, the brand will decorate on their household products, let people can actually use their products, so as to inspire after buying behavior.
Bulgari, for example, bulgari hotel is currently one of the world's most expensive hotel, the group's latest four hotel project, there are two arrangements in China, respectively in 2016 and 2016 in Shanghai and Beijing.
Said the chief executive of versace Gian Giacomo Ferraris, "our strategy has been to hope to be able to reach the critical consumers, let them to fan saizhe's way of life has a full range of experience."Whether fashion household or luxury hotel, in the network for the brand hit a comprehensive life increase income at the same time, also serves as the brand display space. Content marketing, with the largest deliberately create a casual
The power of celebrity is one of the important factors constitute the brand effect, the focus is not just looking for star shooting advertising of luxury goods, content marketing, deliver the stars in the "use" the brand information is also important steps.This strong induction, for consumers, both appeared in the film and television works, or star to attend the activities, luxury brands is to build a cultural atmosphere.
With star brand culture
Luxury brands both for his own target customers express enough respect, again to them for the education of aesthetic and way of life.Star has a special value for luxuries, brand and market education.Those familiar with the star face bridge of communication with target audience of luxury goods, also is the embodiment of the value of education market.Star brand and the market function of education is most obvious in three or four line city.
Chanel, for example, in 2014, the voice actress zhou xun has always been in its high-profile emotional life state.Photo of her wearing chanel haute couture, at chanel's dubai shows together with her boyfriend for the first time in an interview, wearing perfume And special custom wedding dress announced her engagement.With the event itself romantic feelings, brought positive influence for the brand.According to L2 luxury digital research agency, zhou xun since her chanel 12745 daily search in China, more than five times higher than average.This naturally integrated into the way, let consumer subconscious forget this is a marketing event, but was attracted by the fun.
More ground film implanted, close to the audience
Luxury brands implanted film already is nothing new, but luxury brand more and more frequently and TV, in han drama they and there is no lack of luxury brand sponsorship, Korean dramas "you from the stars", they "First Class", full of beautiful things in eyes see person dazzled.But starting in 2014, hermes, prada, bulgari, givenchy, ferragamo, Gucci, LV, more and more luxury goods appeared in the domestic TV series.
Now, on the other hand, domestic drama filming cycles are getting shorter, a lot of luxury goods is more and more willing to put their products in domestic drama, synchronized when main new season clothes.Knot in the end, luxury brands realize, in the Chinese market, the base of luxury consumers scattered, only have big director big star appeared to implant and could not be fully covered in the movie, TV series as the new content marketing market.
The digital age, luxury facing marketing transformation
According to McKinsey, 20% of the luxury goods was finished in under the influence of digital media.At least 70% of luxury consumers use smart phones, login client or touch screen version of the luxury brands to find their favorite goods.More than half of the luxury consumer before arrived in store, search using the mobile Internet as soon as the goods, address and lowest price.The advent of the Internet to let various online media occupied People's Daily life, forcing luxury brands begin to pay close attention to digital marketing, realize the experience of online communication to attract offline.
Extensive spread, narrow orientation
Luxury digital marketing mainly through the spread of a wide range of various sets up the brand image, deepen the target consumers to the brand and products on the surface of the deep understanding, draw the audience who are interested in buying consumer to offline, and put them into long-term customers.Currently operating in China most of the luxury brands have their own official weibo, micro letter public account, in the second half of 2014, hermes and chanel also launched the official micro account, push the brand, product information. In the luxury brand marketing of the digital revolution, the British brand Burberry action.In internal team, Burberry, set up a creative team, specialized in electronic commerce and digital strategy.On store experience, together with retail and digital sensory experience of "retail theatre".At present in China has two "retail" theatre is located in Beijing and Shanghai.Do not set the counter, the clerk in the records of the user's purchase records, with more targeted services.Also on a special clothing implants to make pier glass screen, video watching clothes and details.
Luxury electric company, difficult to boost consumption experience
The 2015 China luxury report showed that consumers prefer to purchase online luxuries than ever before.Mainland in the past year, 57% of online consumers and 54% of online consumers said Hong Kong for online purchase luxury goods and more confident.But when the two groups of respondents were asked about the credibility of electricity, they said of electricity service, credibility, and the overall site professional still have concerns.
In the greater China region, the network has become a mature channels to communicate with consumers.Burberry, for example, half of the fiscal year 2014 retail business grew by 14%, is the most good markets in Europe and Asia.Group chief executive ChristopherBailey five brand strategy, the first is to expand digital marketing, through the electronic platform for large data, and intensify the spread of social networking platforms.Burberry in formal day cat in China, it also out of the luxury brand in electric business platform to try a new step.Although after Coach short landed on taobao, ferragamo did catwalk net and the cooperation, but is mainly in order to network anti-counterfeiting, and did not put the electric business platform as the focal point of sales.The Burberry seem to be much more serious, have higher expectations on the Chinese market. Luxury brands out of the attached big electric business platform for attention in this step, has always been this level of brand selection and use of electric business platform is very cautious, luxury consumption is a lot of cultural consumption, spiritual consumption composition, is a need to "ceremony" consumption.Electricity, but it is difficult to form the sense of "ceremony" consumption.Ruder, senior vice President, Shanghai company general manager brillant told "successful marketing" reporter: "for luxury brands, e-commerce brings new opportunities, but also the brand to face challenges in the future. How to dig up the potential of online luxury market comprehensively, must set up their own brand platform or on the tradeoff between platform. In addition, the brand needs to be in the online product selection, customer experience, and find a balance between the three online customer service. Improving consumers' online shopping experience but also the key factor of electric ShangChengGong now."Luxury brands of electrical business road, remains to be seen.

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