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Motor Fuels


Count on Purvis Brothers Inc for prompt delivery of quality motor fuels to your business. We offer top quality gasoline that meets all the latest requirements. Available in both premium and regular grades and can be custom blended to your octane requirements.

Diesel Fuel

Our premium quality diesel fuel is unique in the market. Made exclusively from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, our Oil City diesel provides the best possible performance for all on-road and off-road applications. Our diesel has the highest cetane rating you can buy for optimum starting, smooth performance and lowest smoke. Because it is made from "straight run" distillation, it contains none of the poor performance portions found in "cracked" fuels made from western and imported crude oils. It also is highly stable for long storage and low sludge formation that helps keep your diesel fuel system clean. The identical product is available for on- and off-road use, with the only difference being the required red dye in the excise tax-free off road version.

Give your equipment the best fuel for the best performance and lowest maintenance cost - contact Purvis Brothers today.

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